Are you looking for a great way to park money or cryptocurrency into an asset that is backed by real estate that also provides a consistent return? Or do you want additional options for actual purchasing, renting or loaning money to a buyer? Then Blockhomes will become your best business partner!

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Blockchain Investing

Invest with cryptocurrency, such as Ethereum or Bitcoin or fiat currency (EURO or USD)


Finally- great real estate investments for the individual, not the institution.

Best Deals

Handpicked, highly profitable real estate deals just for you!

Open to the World

Everyone around the world can participate- no matter where you are!


  • Vision

    Blockhomes has a vision to democratize and digitize large, profitable real estate projects throughout the world and make these investment opportunities freely available to all people on earth.

  • History

    In the past, only the fortunate few had access to controlled, profitable deals. This resulted in that only some investors got more profitable deals. In other words, the rich getting richer. Blockhomes will change history by opening the gates of great deals to the average investor for the very first time!

  • Future

    By digitizing the offers through smart contract made with the property deed layer, all Blockhome users will benefit from not only the security of smart contract terms of return on investment, but also the support of the real estate within the smart contract. Furthermore, another beauty of being in the Blockhomes system is that you will have the ability, for whatever reason you like, to exit out of your position and sell your tokens (shares) inside our members area (subject to lockdown conditions).


Foreword from CEO

The concept of Blockhomes was born out of the clear need for a transparent and effective way for the average individual to get preferred access to real estate deals that previously were only available to the “fortunate few” via inside deals and the “buddy system” where only the big institutional investors were able to profit handsomely on arguably the best investment in the history of the world- that being real estate.

Our vision begins in Sweden, a place in the world that currently has a serious shortage of residential real estate & multi-year waiting lists just to rent an apartment in many cities throughout the country.

This situation has created a remarkable situation for investors to be able to see significant returns since the demand currently outweighs the supply so significantly.

Rather than go the traditional route and recruit money from the financial community, develop & later sell the projects for a profit, we decided to go in another direction.

We decided we were going to democratize the investing opportunity in real estate- make it transparent, flexible, liquid & most importantly- profitable for the everyday investor.

And with that, the idea of the eco system of Blockhomes was formed.

Since the everyday investor is not a real estate or developer, we have simplified the offering and made the projected process very simple from start to finish. In that, we also have addressed with this issue by having 100% transparency of costs, revenues and profits- thus having a truly democratized platform.

If you were looking for a great way to park some money or cryptocurrency into an asset that is backed by real estate and will provide a consistent return as well as give you additional options for actually purchasing, renting or loaning money to a buyer, then Blockhomes will become your best business partner!

We look forward to working with you.


Ian Cassiman


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The Future of Real Estate Investing is Here

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Q4 - 2018

Whitepaper Complete

Q1 - 2019

Production Beta Testing

Q2 - 2019

Full Production Launch

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