Blockhomes förlänger pågående nyemission och ger fler möjlighet att delta

Blockhomes projektportfölj har uppvisat en positivare utvecklingstrend snabbare än planerat. Blockhomes AB meddelar idag att bolaget förlänger pågående emission som påbörjades den 7 december 2018. Emissionen genomförs via Raire Invest egenutvecklade investeringsplattform som den senaste veckan, på grund av hög belastning, har upplevt oväntade tekniska problem vilka nu är åtgärdade. Parallellt med detta har Blockhomes


Blockhomes deltar idag i ett projektmöte med energiministeriet i Burundi

Blockhomes AB meddelade idag att ett projektmöte kommer att äga rum med energiministeriet i Burundi. Detta som ett första steg i Blockhomes projekt vilket lanseras i samarbete med dokumentärfilmaren och journalisten Peter Rinaldo i syfte att förse landsbygdsområdena i Burundi, Östafrika, med förnybar energi. Från vänster: Didace Niyongabo, teknisk rådgivare i ministeriet för hydraulik, energi och


Ihomes will give street children a roof over their heads

As Aktiebladet reported earlier, the Swedish company Blockhomes has a cooperation with the government of Burundi, which will provide the countryside with renewable electricity. The assignment also includes the sub-project ihomes.  Since Burundi’s history is lined with both war and genocide, the country today has many street children who have lost their family and do


Blockhomes AB helps to provide Burundi with renewable electricity

Today Blockhomes AB announced that a project will be launched in collaboration with the documentary filmmaker and journalist Peter Rinaldo to provide the rural areas of Burundi, East Africa, with renewable energy. Today, 95 percent of the rural population in Burundi lacks electricity, which impedes both economic development and the reconstruction of a war-torn country.

Read More... announces first member investment

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN (DECEMBER 21st, 2018) – Blockhomes AB today announced the first real estate investment product which will be a part of their unique blockchain platform which plans to be launched in the spring 2019. The project, consisting of over 30 000 sqm of land, is well positioned to take advantage of the housing shortage in

Read More... announces signing of heads of terms with Beemster

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN (DECEMBER 18th, 2018) – Blockhomes AB (under name change) today announced they have signed a Head of terms with Beemster, a highly successful blockchain programming team located in various offices throughout the Ukraine. “This agreement brings our plan of a uniquely incredible blockchain technology base to the next level” said Oliver Donovan, CEO of Blockhomes,


Smart Contracts & Real Estate

The smart contract technology and real estate is a match made in heaven. Since the world is moving towards a blockchain direction, real estate is one of the first industries adapting, and fast, to this market. Read what Deloitte has to say about it here.