Benefits for Investors, Lenders, Buyers

As we’ve previously touched upon, smart contracts and the features of them specifically make Blockhomes a great place to park your money, earn interest, and have visibility for what real estate projects you actually are participating in.

Above and beyond that, your investment will receive quarterly interest payments automatically delivered by smart contract of which you can immediately cash out, reinvest, or keep in cryptocurrency. The choice is yours and one in which you have full control over.

Additionally, another benefit for investors in our core offering inside of Blockhomes is the ability for their investments to be liquid, easily fractionalized with quick settlement.

Because the Blockhome equity token will be representative of a public company, it can be traded with other Blockhomes users inside our proposed internal exchange. After launch, we plan for the token to be listed on external exchanges, giving more options to initial investors to liquidate a portion or all of their holdings.

Beyond this, inside of the Blockhome ecosystem, there will be a token called “liber8” which will be the driving force for transactions, trades and swaps inside of the member's area. This token will be air dropped and internal trading will begin on the token shortly after the website is launched.

To give some ideas of applications/utility of the token inside the member's area, they are not 100% confirmed yet, but will be something along the lines of:

  • Staking
  • Voting Rights
  • Internal swaps & trades amongst users for property rights, rentals, etc.

The final specification and utility of the liber8 token will be developed over time as we launch the platform and get feedback and direction from the community.

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