Blockhomes AB helps to provide Burundi with renewable electricity

Blockhomes AB helps to provide Burundi with renewable electricity

Today Blockhomes AB announced that a project will be launched in collaboration with the documentary filmmaker and journalist Peter Rinaldo to provide the rural areas of Burundi, East Africa, with renewable energy.

Today, 95 percent of the rural population in Burundi lacks electricity, which impedes both economic development and the reconstruction of a war-torn country.

– In the last few years I have changed my focus and instead of being a journalist and documentary filmmaker, I have depicted reality instead of practically changing it. For some years now, I have been developing renewable energy and sustainable forestry in, among other things, Africa. This summer, my project was approved by Burundi’s ministry of energy and it was time to find a partner for the long-term financing, says Peter Rinaldo.

Peter Rinaldo has worked for over thirty years as an investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker for SVT and TV4 in Sweden, and for a number of international broadcasters. His main area of ​​journalism has been the causes and long-term effects of war and genocide, but he has also worked with investigative journalism in Sweden.

– Blockhomes AB, with its modern blockchain technology and innovative business plan, proved to be the best option for me, says Peter Rinaldo.

Address: Postbox 5109, 102 43 Stockholm

Blockhomes AB has announced its initial stock offering on, a leading crowd funding platform based out of Stockholm, Sweden and the offering has created a lot of interest given the popularity of blockchain technology and the hot real estate market locally.