announces signing of heads of terms with Beemster announces signing of heads of terms with Beemster

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN (DECEMBER 18th, 2018) – Blockhomes AB (under name change) today announced they have signed a Head of terms with Beemster, a highly successful blockchain programming team located in various offices throughout the Ukraine.

“This agreement brings our plan of a uniquely incredible blockchain technology base to the next level” said Oliver Donovan, CEO of Blockhomes, adding “one of the critical things we feel needed to be in place was an agreement with a leading tech firm specializing in niched blockchain technology. We have that with Beemster.”

With the recent release of their whitepaper and business plan, Blockhomes has made waves in the Scandinavian region by announcing plans for a revolutionary blockchain platform tied to the highly profitable real estate marketplace in Sweden.

“This goes well beyond standard decentralized blockchain applications you see pop up everyday” said Donovan. “This is how real estate investing, trading and funding will be done throughout the world in the coming years.”

Blockhomes AB has announced its initial stock offering on, a leading crowd funding platform based out of Stockholm, Sweden and the offering has created a lot of interest given the popularity of blockchain technology and the hot real estate market locally.

More details of the agreement are to be published in the coming weeks after the initial money raise for Blockhomes AB has been completed.

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