Key Advantages of the Platform & Business Opportunity

This offering document is not for tokens that may or may not be worth something in a utility manner down the road, this is for actual shares in the company that are simply tokenized in nature so as to make the process of owning, holding and trading those shares much easier for you, the individual investor in 

This is one of the first equity token offerings of its kind! We are excited to be launching this type of offering for the first time and to be able to present you with the inherent benefits of an equity token offering. For one, by virtue of the token offering, you’ll have the ability to fractionalize your ownership. If you want to sell .01 of your shares, in theory, you can do it no problem.

Because of the token offering being borderless and digital, it opens up new communities around the world who previously haven’t had the opportunity to engage in investments of this kind and that increases the liquidity and overall asset value of our project. This is great news for you as an early stage investor!

As the equity token market continues to expand, we plan on making our shares (tokens) available on many exchanges around the world and this should only mean more value to our early-stage investors.

Beyond that, there are a whole host of other reasons why tokenization actually increases asset value, reduces admin costs to next to nothing, and allows individuals to engage in trustless trading all around the world.

This is an incredible new world on the horizon, and we are happy to introduce you to it through Blockhomes equity token offering!

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