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Sustainable Bussiness In Burundi

Image of Peter Rinaldo and burundian children


I am Peter Rinaldo, a Swedish documentary filmmaker, project manager and business developer.

I started producing documentary films in 1984 and have today made more than thirty full lenght documentaries for different television stations around the world. My focus has been investigative journalism focused on conflict areas and war zones around the world. My speciality has been conflicts in Africa, where I made several documentary films about the psychology of genocide and the long term social effects of war.

Due to the emergent need of action to halt global warming I have now changed focus from reporting what other people do to do things myself. Therefore I now use my experiences in Blockhomes to develop renewable energy, sustainable economics and education in non-electrified areas of Africa.

The start up is in Burundi where I previously have spent many years reporting about genocide. The business idea of Blockhomes Burundi is to create economic growth by sustainable development through electrification, high speed internet, education and modern block chain financing. This might seem odd compared to last century's neo-colonial economics, but it is really not so complicated. We simply apply ancient human trade economics of win win through a modern blockchain system supplied by Blockhomes mother company the Sprinkle Group. This way the future meets the past, so to speak.

With blockchain based smart contracts most middle hands will be obsolete, which will enable the natural emergence of modern sustainable win-win-economics i the area. Combined with high end open source education programs in modern economics this will hopefully give the area of development a strong future advantage compared to last century non sustainable economics.

Blockhomes BurundiĀ“s business idea is built on sustainable long term development and growth. By providing the basic services needed for local development, our company's economic growth goes hand in hand with local economic growth. By creating profit to our investors by facilitating local development and growth we are a reliable and non volatile alternative for modern investors.

Lets keep it simple, free and sustainable. Here in this blog I will try to keep you updated with my perspective of both the project in Burundi and the world.

All the best!

Peter Rinaldo

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