Transparent and Trusted Platform

The goal of Blockhomes is to provide a “trustless” platform that allows you, as an individual investor, to be able to put your money into specific real estate projects without any fears whatsoever of counterparty risk. In other words, since the process is governed by an automated smart contract, delivery of what is promised will be delivered automatically and instantaneously.

Let’s dive into this further because it is an important point for us to demonstrate you don’t need to trust Blockhomes to deliver their side at all by way of how the company is structured.

When you send payment to our contract address, your payment is received and credited immediately. Your address from which you’ve sent payment will then be credited with a deed in the property which you’ve invested in, giving you security in knowing this is actually a property you have shares in and ultimately own a portion thereof. Because this process is automated, and the smart contract code being open and transparent on the internet, it creates an environment that makes it easy for the world to see how we are operating. If there was ever any impropriety it would be easily seen and pointed out by the public - and hence this is one of the inherent beauties of the blockchain and what it can do for business as a whole.

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