The World Needs Blockhomes: Here’s Why

Blockhomes has a vision to democratize and digitize large, profitable real estate projects throughout the world and make these investment opportunities freely available to all people on earth.

In the past, only the fortunate few had access to such controlled, profitable deals that resulted in those investors only getting more returns and in turn access to more profitable deals. In other words, the rich getting richer.

Blockhomes will change all of that by opening the gates of great deals to the average investor for the very first time!

By way of digitizing the offer via smart contract with the property deed layer, all Blockhomes' users have the security of not only the smart contract terms of return on investment but also the backing of the actual real estate within the smart contract.

One other beauty of being in the Blockhomes system is you’ll have the ability, for whatever reason you like, to exit out of your position and sell your tokens (shares) inside our members area (subject to lockdown conditions).

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